Psychological vetting, covert reporting, and training
for financial institutions, corporate bodies, and government agencies.

Vetting & Profiling

Verification of past information and data. Assessment of attitudes, beliefs, and motives.

Covert Reporting

On location and documentation review. An analytical study of psychology, behaviour, and actions.


Online or in-person, individual or team - everything required for complete psychological intelligence.

dark minds

How well do you really know them?

Dark Minds provides psychological intelligence on those that you need to trust most.

We offer discrete, elite level psychological insights and solutions to financial institutions, corporate bodies, government agencies, and other individuals and entities.

We help clients to develop psychological intelligence and defences whilst gaining deep insight into the desires, motivations, vulnerabilities and strengths of themselves and others.

Our profilers have the highest level security clearance and have worked with leading global security agencies - thousands of hours of fieldwork across multiple domains, from assessing High Value Assets to Counter Terrorism.

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Areas of Practice

Investment Funds

Legal Cases

Executive Search


Private Security


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Discreet & Confidential

Discretion and confidentiality are crucial to our work.

We are experienced in managing highly sensitive information and scenarios, and prioritize the strict confidentiality of all interactions and outcomes.

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